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At Club-27, we take pride in paying homage to the legendary musicians whose timeless music still resonates with people today. Our products are designed to capture the essence of their soulful tunes and touch the hearts of our customers. We understand that not everyone can afford high-end audio systems,

which is why we strive to provide top-quality components at an affordable price. Our mission is to offer budget-friendly audio solutions that allow you to enjoy music to the fullest without breaking the bank. With Club-27, you can experience the magic of music without compromising on quality or your budget.

What People Say?:


Listen music with a high quality stereo gives you a deeper impression and takes you on the trip anywhere you like to go.

Robert Bastani
Many times we have heard phrases like I've always asserted that speakers needed to be expensive to be good, looks like I was wrong. Speakers are the most relevant part of any audio system as they take the biggest influence on the final sound quality. We design speakers that make music. We take care less about measurements, what counts is that music coming from our speakers reaches your soul.
By using a different approach we achieve more with less. We use fast response wideband drivers which are connected directly to the power amp. Basses are fast and deep though the use of horns and our tweeters are ultra high efficient horn- tweeters which sound detailed and relaxed at any listening- level.

Valves carry the soul of music, they are the heart of the stereo.

Solid state amplifiers have dominated for decades because they offer high wattages for low efficient speakers. Today tubed amps have a revival because of their excellent soundquality powering high efficient speakers. At Club 27 we believe that low wattage tubed amps with simple circuits are superior and deliver the purest signal immediately touching your soul
Tubed amps are voltage amplifiers, Solid State amps au contraire are current amplifiers and so tubed amps show more linear amplification and less negative feedback is required. Amplifiers with lots of negative feedback have a tendency to show good measurements and poor soundquality. We believe in soundquality because this is everything which counts.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

Albert Einstein
The designers behind Club 27 have many years of experience in the professional hifi industry as well as in the DIY community.
We believe in continuous development and we appreciate your feedback. Please let us know whether you like or dislike our products. Your feedback is most important for us.

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