DIY power cord

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A good power cord has a big positive influence on the performance of an audio system. De Club-27 DIY power cord is a very good alternative to the standard power cords that came with your electronics that sound lifeless.

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WARNING: Assembling your own power cords mean you have to work with electricity. Working with electricity can be life threatening, poorly assembled power cords can be dangerous to your cat, dog, kids, wife or yourself. Make sure you follow the proper rules of working with electricity in your country. When in doubt get a specialist and let him do the job for you! Club-27 can never be hold responsible for not following the rules of working with electricity in your country nor can we never be hold responsible for the consequences of poorly assembled power cords. By purchasing this product you accept these terms and conditions.

Specifications Value
Isolation PTTE
Conductor Silver plated copper according to special geometry
Units in box: 1